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The inspiration of Scripture

At some point in the history of the Christian Church, the Church chose the writings (gospels and epistles) of the Apostles and other disciples as the canonical inspired Scriptures. How were those Scriptures chosen? And what constitutes inspired Scriptures? How … Continue reading

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Revelation 10

Another angel is seen coming down from heaven (v.1) and he had in his hand a little book (v.2). Who is this angel? (v.1) Sometimes in Scripture the Lord is represented by an angel (Exodus 3:2-6,13-15). Here he is called “another … Continue reading

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Which is the best English Bible?

The King James Bible (KJB) was translated from the traditional Hebrew and Greek texts (Masoretic Hebrew Text, The Second Great Rabbinic Bible and the Greek Textus Receptus  (TR) or Received Text) and God’s Words in these original sources most Christians … Continue reading

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Die daily for Christ

The Apostle Paul wrote of dying daily for Christ. But how is that possible? What did he mean? 1 Corinthians 15:31 I protest by your rejoicing which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord, I die daily. He was speaking … Continue reading

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Making sense of the Census of Quirinius

by Mark Rogers In regards to the year of Jesus’ birth there have been various proposals. In particular there has been some debate about what Luke 2:1-5 really means. The debate revolves around when the empire-wide censuses took place in relation … Continue reading

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When were the Gospels published?

The Gospels have been much maligned as being copied one from another, not from independent witnesses (for Matthew, Mark and Luke) and that they were written a long time after the events, hence lack eyewitness statements. The Wikipedia page on … Continue reading

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Why are Mark 16:9-20 missing in most modern Bible translations?

Most modern Bible versions have a footnote to the effect that “these verses are not in the oldest, best, most reliable Greek manuscripts”. In laymen’s terms this means that Mark 16:9-20 are not in the 4th century Greek manuscripts,Vaticanus B … Continue reading

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