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He heals the broken hearted

I shared my salvation testimony via YouTube and several atheists mocked the fact that when I came to a dark place, due to trials and problems in life, the Lord reached down and chose me, and pulled me up out … Continue reading

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A Disciple of Christ becomes a Biblical Creationist

This is the part of my personal testimony where God begins to rewire my brain and where I almost instantly become a biblical creationist by reading the early chapters of the book of Genesis. The Holy Spirit spoke to me … Continue reading

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From a Christian to a disciple of Jesus Christ

I tell more of my story of how I continued to seek the Lord and of my journey around Australia, in 1974, which led me out of the Roman Catholic Church. I sought for the baptism and power of the … Continue reading

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From an atheist to a Christian

I describe in brief my path to meeting the Lord who saved me. He chose me. He changed my mind and caused revolution in my heart. Thank the Lord! All glory to God! Related Reading From an evolution-believing atheist to … Continue reading

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